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Content Science Expands Solutions to Address Artificial Intelligence

posted by Esther Goh

Content Science adds artificial intelligence to solutions

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science is addressing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in all its solutions, helping professionals and leaders in the field stay ahead of the latest developments.

Recent thought leadership from the Content Science offers useful perspective on AI for content goals and strategies, including…

AI and Content: A White Paper, which provides an overview and maturity model for AI adoption

How Useful is Generative AI for Content Professionals?

Purpose, Prompts, and Polish: How to Get the Most Out of a Text Generative AI

Checklist to Maximize Value from a Text Generative AI

What Makes Content Operations Successful?, a research report that includes findings about the use of AI

This perspective permeates Content Science’s consulting, research, and training services for client partners.

“Content Science has tracked and advised on the use of artificial intelligence since before it was cool, so we’re well positioned to partner with clients as they navigate the challenges and possibilities for content across customer experiences,” explains Content Science President Colleen Jones.

As the end-to-end content firm builds out new solutions focused on health, artificial intelligence will play a key role in this area.

“I’ve seen AI applied in very useful ways for health, such as quickly analyzing health policy and its impact on public health outcomes. I’m enthused about continuing to explore its possibilities and helping clients make the most of applications that work well,” notes Content Science Vice President Christopher Jones, PhD.

Additionally, Content Science continues to update its products to address AI, including…

Categorical analysis (a type of AI) in ContentWRX, which evaluates content effectiveness

A new module in The Content Advantage workshop (with virtual and in-person options)

On-demand Content Science Academy training courses

About Content Science

Content Science is an end-to-end content company that works with the world’s leading brands to close the content gap in digital business. Our solutions like CS Brain, CS Forge, and CS Lab bring together outstanding services as well as unique products like ContentWRX and Content Science Academy. We turn content insight into business impact.

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