Advance your content approach with artificial intelligence.

The White Paper

Artificial intelligence (AI) is powerful technology that can fulfill the promise of integrated content strategy and operations at sizable organizations. It’s more possible than ever to provide customers or audiences with the right content at the right time effectively and efficiently—and at scale. If you’re looking to AI with a sense of urgency, you’re smart to do so.

Chances are you’re hearing and seeing much about generative AI such as ChatGPT to aid creating content. But is ChatGPT really where your organization should start with artificial intelligence and content? And is generative AI the only way content operations can benefit?

This whitepaper from Content Science offers perspective on those questions and more based on our longstanding experience with advanced content technology and our unique research. Inside you will find
  • A definition of artificial intelligence
  • Explanations of artificial intelligence types such as machine learning and deep learning
  • Insightful quotes from select client partners about the benefits and implications of AI for content
  • Facts from Content Science research into uses of AI for content
  • A maturity model for adopting generative AI
  • Guidance to identify opportunities for other types of AI in your content operations
While your decisions around AI deserve urgency, they also should not be rushed. The possible pitfalls run the gamut from privacy problems to intellectual property issues to adoption backlash from team members. This whitepaper will help you and your teams efficiently but thoroughly consider the best way forward.
Note: This white paper is copyrighted, with all rights reserved. After downloading, you’re welcome to use, reference, and quote it with proper citation / credit to Content Science.