The Coca-Cola Company

We advised The Coca-Cola Company on strategy and process to make intranet content more effective.

The Coca-Cola Company Improves Efficiency with Intranet Content Strategy

As one of the world’s most recognizable and valuable brands, The Coca-Cola Company represents more than just its signature beverage. With more than 3,500 products sold in over 200 countries, the famous Fortune 100 company relies on over 700,000 associates worldwide to carry out its mission to refresh the world.


The intranet was not providing the right content at the right time for users
Despite building a powerful intranet that served as an essential information hub for employees, The Coca-Cola Company associates had trouble finding, understanding, and acting upon the myKO content. Focusing initially on benefits, insurance, and travel content, The Coca-Cola Company realized that not providing up-to-date useful content in the right way to users introduced risks, such as operating inefficiencies.


Analysis, recommendations, concept, and content creation
We assessed The Coca-Cola Company’s content and situation, then provided recommendations to incorporate content strategy steps into their intranet process. We also helped establish guidelines for applying content best practices. Finally, we created a concept for the reimagined content and rewrote a large sample of content to model following the new content approach.


Clearer direction, smoother process, improved intranet content
In the short term, our work together aligned the intranet team and many stakeholders around a strategic content approach and gave the team a jump start on following the approach consistently. Over the longer term, The Coca-Cola Company anticipates a host of operational benefits from having improved intranet content.

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