We advised Dell on scaling successful content strategy for their worldwide marketing.

Dell Empowers Employees Worldwide to Embrace Content Strategy

We partnered with the tech giant Dell to develop a unified vision and train global teams to turn the vision into reality. 

As one of the world’s top technology firms, Dell has an extensive range of products, services and markets that all need smart content to support them. As the company evolves in response to a rapidly changing technology landscape, its content needs are growing ever-more complex—and critical. Dell realized a new, more coordinated approach was in order.


Repeating content successes and scaling content strategy was a challenge

Dell had enjoyed several successes with strategically planning the right content for the right customers in the right place at the right time. However, many different business units across the globe are involved in content, which makes repeating those successes reliably a challenge. To scale successful content efforts, thought leaders at Dell realized they needed to collaborate and coordinate. As Brennan Dell, the company’s Director of Marketing Education puts it,

“Let’s sync up our approach and get more consistent about our strategy around content creation and maintenance.”


Vision, alignment, education, training, and resources

We assessed Dell’s situation and collaborated with the company on creating a unified vision of content strategy. We then created and delivered in-person and remote training to educate stakeholders on the value of content strategy, give practitioners a framework for implementing that vision and provide them with the best practices, tools, and resources such as a Content Strategy Brief template to bring the vision to life.


A new conversation, processes and seeds for future growth

Our work together aligned stakeholders and practitioners around a common vision, sparked conversation to improve the content process, and provided actionable tools to work toward that vision in concrete ways.

For more about the results, download the whitepaper.

From Our Client

I’m seeing people ask more questions...and do more planning at the front end of a content project."

Diane Bunton, Marketing Director for Global Online Content Operations, Dell

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We advised Dell on scaling successful content strategy for their worldwide marketing.

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