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A leading brokerage’s investments in intranet content strategy pay off for financial advisors.

Intranet Content Strategy Pays Off for Financial Advisors

Handling trillions of dollars in client assets through its thousands of financial advisors, our client is one of the world’s leading providers of global corporate and investment banking services. Many corporations, financial institutions, governments, mutual funds, hedge funds, pensions, and endowments rely on this brokerage for mission-critical investments across dozens of countries.


The intranet was hard to use, full of irrelevant content, and lacking good search functionality

With such a wide variety of complex content needed to help financial advisors do their jobs every day, the company grew concerned when they heard that overall intranet satisfaction was low. Complicating the problem, content creators and managers struggled with the high volume of existing pages and collateral pieces that made it cumbersome to find content and manage timely updates.


Analysis, architecture and editorial recommendations, and roadmap

We conducted an extensive analysis to help the company better understand its opportunities to create a more searchable, actionable, and relevant intranet experience for financial advisors. Based on that analysis, we synthesized our research into an intranet content strategy. That strategy included recommendations for content editorial and architecture. We also offered a clear roadmap that built upon the company’s business goals, user needs, and operational capabilities. Finally, we created several concepts and tools to assist the company with implementing our recommendations.


Clearer direction, better client service, and reduced costs

Immediately, the stakeholders felt they had a clear plan, direction, and system in place to make content work harder and publishing more reliable and efficient. Over time, the company advanced key business goals including better client service, stronger communication, and reduced costs. In short, our recommendations continue to help the brokerage’s financial advisors perform their jobs more efficiently by accessing intranet content informed by our content strategy.

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