How a fresh approach to consistent content voice at scale paid off for Sharecare

Sharecare Redefines Content Voice and Relaunches Web Presence


An opportunity to tell and show a new story

As the leading digital health company in the U.S. and beyond, Sharecare grew rapidly over the course of 10 years, acquiring more than a dozen companies along the way. This growth by acquisition was effective in many ways, but the Sharecare team recognized their communication and content had become disjointed. Additionally, Sharecare had reached a level of maturity and sophistication not reflected in its online presence. So, Sharecare sought to answer the question: How can we more effectively and cohesively communicate who Sharecare is today through our content?


Aligning content strategy with Sharecare’s updated brand strategy

We collaborated on weaving the theme of “All together, better” throughout the content, updating the Sharecare voice and applying it to a range of content, and advising on framing and organizing website content to balance user needs with Sharecare’s need to communicate effective stories.

The Content Science team set guiding principles for the updated Sharecare voice. Our CS Forge team then revamped the content of, key product interfaces, and the Community Wellness Index. We sought to remove jargon, reinforce the theme of all together, better, bring a personable yet credible tone to life, and apply the voice consistently.

We collaborated with Sharecare’s internal design team to ensure content and visuals complemented each other in message and tone. Additionally, we advised on reorganizing the main navigation, including groupings and labels, to better convey who Sharecare is and what they offer.  


The effort enabled Sharecare to implement a complete overhaul of, launch the signature Community Wellbeing Index results and reporting with the updated themes and voice, and communicate its vision and solutions so effectively, the company secured a key deal that enabled it to go public on the Nasdaq on July 1, 2021.

These accomplishments are enabling Sharecare to even more effectively transform the health system so that everyone lives better, longer.

From Our Client

The pandemic triggered a spotlight on the healthcare ecosystem and brought much more attention to Sharecare. At the same time, we recently completed an intense period of growth. We realized it was time to update our brand story and to tell that story with the right voice.

Dermot Waters, Senior VP of Brand Strategy and Product Marketing
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