ECRI Institute

When ECRI Institute decided to shift its content focus, Content Science eased the transition with content process consulting and training.

Scientific Nonprofit Equips Employees for Seismic Content Shift

Renowned for its 45-year commitment to patient care, ECRI Institute conducts applied scientific research into medical procedures, devices, drugs, and processes. More than 5,000 hospitals, health systems, public and private payers, medical professional liability insurers, U.S. federal and state government agencies, ministries of health, associations, and accrediting agencies worldwide use their highly respected research and publications.


Reimagining websites offers opportunity to shift content from a print focus to a web focus

Like many organizations that existed before the web, ECRI Institute focused heavily on print. ECRI Institute recognized that their current members and the kind of members they wanted to attract use the web often. With that trend in mind and the opportunity to reimagine its websites, ECRI Institute decided they needed to shift their content focus from print first to web first.


Analysis, content process consulting and training

First, we analyzed ECRI Institute’s content situation and identified their specific needs and opportunities to make their content more effective for the web and to change their processes to consider web first. We provided a series of training on web content best practices as well as highly custom consulting on content roles, responsibilities, and workflow.


Guidance through a website transformation, strengthened content strategy foundation, eased scalability

Together, the training and recommendations helped shift the mindset of ECRI Institute employees involved in content to think web first. In the short term, our efforts also helped the respected institution to make the most of their investment in content management technology, clarify and streamline their content processes, and define roles that empower subject matter experts and content experts alike to focus on their strengths. In the longer term, ECRI Institute anticipates that their new approach to content will increase the satisfaction of their current members and help attract new members.

From Our Client

Content Science shared a lot of great examples and concepts. More importantly, they shared tools that we can use that help us with editorial planning, putting together a plan, communicating that plan to people at ECRI, and knowing our audience better.

We can also replicate many of Content Science's core process recommendations across the organization.

We incorporated Content Science’s tools and resources, making them our own and getting people’s creative juices flowing."

Nan Smith, Director of Web Business Strategy, ECRI Institute
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