Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

We helped CDC assess how to improve their content to reduce calls from confused users.

CDC Reimagines Health Content to Better Advise International Travelers

A trusted U.S. government agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protects the health of America by responding to emergencies, conducting research, and educating the public—often through CDCgov. The Travelers’ Health Branch at CDC turned to us for guidance about their content.


Content Wasn’t Answering Questions

Travelers’ Health is one of the most popular subsites on However, the phones at their call center were ringing with questions—many questions that the site should have answered. Health Education and Communication Team Lead Kelly Holton noted, “With such rich content on the site, I was concerned about the number of people who couldn’t find travel vaccine information…It was time to do something different.”


Analysis, Testing, Recommendations, + Concept

We determined why the content wasn’t answering travelers’ questions in two ways: 1. Advising on testing the content with people. 2. Conducting a careful audit of the content.  We found several opportunities to improve the content’s focus, clarity, organization, and style. We also created a concept to help show the possibilities for a new content approach.


CDC On Track to Bring Reimagining to Life

Our work together aligned everyone in the Travelers’ Health Branch around a new direction for the site. We also helped them take significant steps forward in that direction. Says Holton, “We were starting from scratch. The deliverables gave us a roadmap to make that reimagining come to life.”

From Our Client

I was concerned about the number of people who were calling because they couldn’t find vaccination information…I felt we needed to find out what users really think about and do with our content. I knew it was time to do something different to help drive our content strategy.”

Kelly Holton, Communication Team Lead, Travelers’ Health at CDC
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