University of Portsmouth

Native Advertising Expands Visibility + Influence For University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is a modern higher education and research institution with a key focus on sustainability.


The University of Portsmouth sought to increase their reach, driving U.S. traffic to their sustainability content, and reaching quality audiences including journalists, academics (potential partners), and philanthropic leaders (funding influencers).

To expand their thought leadership, foster research collaborations, and influence funding decisions, they looked to Content Science to help them leverage existing content.


We worked with the University of Portsmouth to drive maximum value from existing content assets, developing a native advertising strategy and conducting a 3-month pilot.

We conducted analysis to identify appropriate content and select a distribution platform. Nativo’s large network of quality publishers, displaying native ad formats that linked back to the university’s content, allowed for direct choice of publisher sites.

We picked articles that lent themselves to enticing teasers (without sounding like clickbait) that had proven engaging for U.K. audiences.

We then adapted these for U.S. English and set up multiple provocative headlines and eye-catching images for testing and optimization, all designed in a repeatable approach.

During the campaign, we monitored results and optimized along the way to maximize investment.


The University of Portsmouth gained immediate and longer-term benefits from working with Content Science.

Over half a million impressions were delivered across premium U.S. publisher sites including Axios, Associated Press, TIME, and The Hill. The native advertising campaign achieved strong results that exceeded Nativo’s benchmarks, driving interested audiences to the university website where they continued to engage with the content. 

Along with increased visibility and engagement, they also gained valuable insights into creative and audience targeting that can be used in future campaigns for efficient promotion and distribution.

From Our Client

The team was responsive, easy to work with, and always ready to consider new ideas and approaches to maximize the online reach of our content.”

Paul Gerard, head of media and communications
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