Wiley (John Wiley & Sons)

As one of the most distinguished publishers in history, Wiley needed a fresh content strategy to respond to the pressing demands of a changing user base and accelerating competition.

A Publishing Pioneer Creates a Unified Vision for Web Content


A Need to Reach and Engage the Right Users

Despite its history and reputation, Wiley found its corporate identity lost in a sea of commodity publishers. With users simply coming to Wiley to get what they needed without much further interaction, Wiley realized its site had become perceived as functional, not engaging. At the same time, Wiley wanted to convey a modern, vibrant identity to complement its rich history.


Analysis, Recommendations, and Results

After talking to Wiley’s key content stakeholders, we mutually decided that strategic analysis and planning were in order. Focusing on Wiley’s vision, goals, content, users, and ecosystem, we conducted a thorough set of analyses. We discovered several important insights that helped Wiley understand how to connect services and its brand story with a variety of users through content. Our recommendations turned Wiley’s challenges into actionable opportunities. A clear roadmap outlined a plan to execute upon this strategy.


A Clear Direction and Content Normalization

Our recommendations formed a critical part of Wiley’s new direction—enough so that our strategic concepts soon caught on internally as a way to think about Wiley. The stakeholders felt they had a clear plan and direction, and Wiley found that introducing the concepts laid out by Content Science helped build better working relationships between previously disparate groups. Our recommendations continue to help Wiley translate their vision into action.

From Our Client

I liked my feeling of commitment and engagement from Content Science. They delved right into our business and website, and they understood who we were, what we were looking to do, and what our challenges entailed. They used all of their research and information to create well-thought-out analyses and recommendations that formed the basis of clear action items."

David Nusspickel, Director, Digital Product Development, Wiley
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