Cerner Corporation

Cerner Corporation turned to us for a sustainable editorial strategy for their international markets.

Cerner Turns Content into a Global Sales Asset

When Cerner Corporation decided to revamp their web content, they turned to us for a sound approach to their international markets.

A global health company, Cerner specializes in empowering clients all over the world to communicate with patients clearly and effectively. Recently, Cerner realized their website content was not communicating to potential clients in the same way. Learn how we helped them find solutions and the results of their global strategy transformation.


Content Undermined Credibility

Cerner’s website content didn’t entice visitors to spend time on the site, received complaints from customers for inaccuracies, wasn’t compelling to international markets, and contradicted the sales team. In short, it was undermining Cerner’s credibility. Cerner decided to revamp their content. They requested our help crafting a global strategy for their international markets.


Analysis + A Global Editorial Strategy

We collaborated with Program Manager Lance Yoder to determine Cerner needed a global editorial strategy for localizing their content. We interviewed global marketing managers, studied the nuances of key international markets, and examined Cerner’s current content. Based on our findings, we created editorial briefs for customizing content to each market efficiently and effectively. Cerner could now localize their content—and keep it localized.


Credibility, Sales, + a New Process

Upon implementing their new strategy, Cerner experienced more sales leads, better sales credibility, better SEO, increased and more relevant site traffic, and trust from international markets. They also reported industry recognition, stakeholder buy in, and better process. Says Yoder, “The best part of working with Content Science was that they took the time to understand the business needs we were trying to solve. Content Science provided us with guidance and tools to let us not only solve our short-term issues but put a strategy in place for the future.”

From Our Client

Content Science helped people within Cerner appreciate content…Because we experienced success in implementing a content strategy, internal stakeholders now include us in discussions about content during the planning process."

Lance Yoder, Program Manager, Cerner Corporation
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