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We advised IHG on integrating content into their international mobile marketing strategy.

IHG Gains Smart Mobile Approach for Global Brands

As one of the first hotel chains to accept bookings online, IHG has a history of being at the forefront of marketing technology. However, they sensed content was critical to staying at the forefront and recognized challenges ahead. IHG came to us for strategic thinking that would pave the way to real results.


Mobile Content Challenges Ahead

In 2011, IHG’s Mobile Solutions Group had enjoyed successes including high mobile bookings and international awards for their tablet application. However, as 2012 approached, they faced new challenges. They needed to further boost mobile bookings, adapt content for global markets, and tailor content for each of their seven brands, to name just a few. IHG asked us to turn their challenges into opportunities.


Analysis + Recommendations for a 2012 Roadmap

We consulted with IHG’s Director of Mobile Solutions Bill Keen and Product Manager Darin Wonn and mutually agreed that an extensive analysis of the content performance, key markets, mobile marketing technologies, and more was in order. Our analysis turned their entire mobile content situation into a clear, digestible picture for Keen’s team and their stakeholders. We then synthesized our analysis with best practices and IHG’s goals to offer actionable recommendations.


Actionable Opportunities for Mobile Marketing Success in 2012 + Beyond

Our recommendations helped IHG’s Mobile Solutions group move forward with confidence. Says Wonn, “We were able to go through line by line and assign actions and end dates. It wasn’t just a set of recommendations. It was a working product that allowed us to be very productive.” IHG is now well positioned to stay at the forefront of mobile marketing in 2012 and beyond.

From Our Client

We were impressed. We learned a lot, not just about deliverables, but about what it means to plan content from the inside out, rather than trying to force content into a product."

Darin Wonn, Product Manager, IHG
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