This global leader in financial information solutions wanted a sustainable strategy for content to better represent their consumer products.

Equifax Makes Product Content Work Smarter

A global leader in consumer and commercial information solutions, Equifax offers products that give credible information to support financial decisions. We guided Equifax through a developing a strategy for content about their consumer products.


Product Content Needed to Work Smarter

At Equifax, digital product content works extra hard: it’s their advertising, packaging, and marketing combined. To turn the challenges of content doing so many jobs into opportunities, Equifax looked to us for high-end consulting.


Analysis + A Product Content Strategy

We performed a deep analysis of the product content, with a tight deadline in mind. We interviewed stakeholders, audited content for quality and influence, documented Equifax’s content ecosystem, and reviewed consumer research. We presented our findings and formed a custom strategy, then offered specific recommendations to move forward. In short, we gave Equifax immediate recommendations and a lasting framework.


The Right Content at The Right Time for Customers

As a result of our work together, Equifax infused insights from the analysis and recommendations into their product content and process right away. Their content evolved thoughtfully and strategically. Killebrew says, “I appreciate that there’s a method to the madness…There’s research behind the recommendations.” He continues, “It has made us think differently about how to position our content at the right place at the right time for customers.”

From Our Client

It made us think differently about content, not just me but everyone involved. We realized content strategy is something worth investing money, time, and effort. Content Science really spoke to that and brought sustainability to the table."

Ray Killebrew, AVP of Experience Design, Equifax
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