FootSmart asked us for a high-stakes content strategy—and received a big boost in sales in return.

eRetailer Becomes Ready to Advise Customers with Niche Content Strategy

A multimillion-dollar company and consistent ranker in the Internet Retailer 500, FootSmart has much at stake when considering any changes to its online presence. So, when the online retailer contemplated a new direction for their content, they turned to us for trustworthy advice.


A Vision without a Strategy

FootSmart viewed content as a way to deepen its niche brand and its credibility with “baby boomer” customers. The company also sensed the importance of content to being both easy for customers to find and ready to advise customers. FootSmart asked us to help them turn their vision into a reality in 2010 and again in 2012.


Niche Content Strategy, Roadmap, + Content Marketing Product

We talked extensively with FootSmart’s C-level team about their goals and needs, then decided strategic analysis and planning were in order. Our analysis helped FootSmart understand where their content stood and identify specific opportunities to improve or expand it. We then offered a strategy and actionable recommendations for content, website architecture, and much more. We also advised on how to support the strategy with the right people and process.

Additionally, we helped FootSmart create the content marketing product Foot Health Resource Center in collaboration with The Podiatry Institute. We collaborated with FootSmart to select topics that aligned with FootSmart’s focus on foot and lower body health. We also organized the site, developed engaging articles in collaboration with subject matter experts, and created useful and stylish diagrams.


36% Increase in Sales Each Week, Award Recognition

Our original helped FootSmart experience encouraging results such as fewer customer calls. When the FootSmart team became stuck and was no longer making progress, our updated recommendations and roadmap aligned stakeholders around a clear direction to move forward—and turn their vision into a successful reality. The Foot Health Resource Center led to increased, high quality web traffic; search engine rankings rivaling WebMD and Mayo Clinic for foot health topics; and an average 36% boost in sales each week.

Awards We’ve Won For the FootSmart Resource Center

The Communicator Awards 2015 Gold Award

Customer Experience Recognition Awards

Davey Awards 2014 Gold Award

From Our Client

Content Science has provided the framework for our team to organize and prioritize our content objectives, solidify our brand positioning, and engage in a meaningful way with our customers."

Jessica Turner, VP Channel Merchandising + Promotion, FootSmart
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