A longstanding Fortune 50 company, AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications firm.

AT&T Upskills Content Teams with Training for Modern Content Roles

A longstanding Fortune 50 company, AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications firm. The firm offers services including internet, wireless, 5G, and more for consumers, government, and businesses. 


As a leader in digital technology, AT&T recognized the need to modernize its approach to using diverse content, from marketing to technical support, in the customer experience. The firm sought Content Science to partner on achieving objectives such as

  • Remove friction from finding the right content at the right point in the customer experience.
  • Make all content clear and in alignment with best practices.
  • Streamline content operations and establish content governance.
  • Unlock more personalization capabilities.



Content Science combined capabilities to deliver a highly effective training series:

  • CS Brain to interview and survey AT&T content team members and their stakeholders and form a training plan.
  • Content Science Academy to provide source material for the training and a learning management system for on-demand sessions.
  • CS Forge to tailor training materials for AT&T’s unique situation.

The Content Science team delivered a series of in-depth live training sessions for more than 200 associates across multiple content teams. Content Science then turned assets from the sessions into on-demand sessions available 24/7 to appropriate team members.


This effort accelerated AT&T’s progress with improving personalization in the end-to-end customer experience for both B2B and B2C. Some specific benefits include

  • Providing team members with a common vocabulary around content standards, best practices, and skills.
  • Keeping morale high during a time of change.
  • Setting processes and guidelines to minimize the risk of outdated information reaching associates and customers.
  • Better using technology to manage multiple versions of assets for personalization.
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