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Content Science Issues Q4 Donations to Combat Misinformation in Election Year

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Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science directed nonprofit donations for Q4 2023 toward trusted organizations supporting truth in content as the onslaught of misinformation intensifies for a presidential election year in the United States.

Content Science gave money to organizations including but not limited to CDC Foundation, PolitiFact, and Pew Research because their missions and work help address mis/disinformation in high-stakes topics such as health and civics.

“The rapid adoption of generative AI has led to an explosion of misinformation online, ranging from false news to trolling bots to deep fake video and audio,” notes Content Science President Colleen Jones. “That’s why the World Economic Forum has wisely identified disinformation as the top threat in 2024.”

In the spirit of companies like Toms making a donation for every purchase, Content Science is contributing 10% of proceeds from these popular educational online products:

Content Science issues donations each quarter to nonprofits with initiatives aligned with Content Science’s purpose.

“I founded Content Science with the purpose of enabling worthy organizations to make content make a constructive difference in how people feel, decide, act, and live. If misinformation runs rampant online, people will not trust digital channels or content,” says Jones.

For more about the trends driving misinformation, see our State of Content 2024 webinar recording and our Content Trends 2024 article.

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