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Content Science to Donate 10% of Education Purchases to Truth in Content Causes

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science will take a new step to support truth in content by donating 10% of proceeds from its content education products to renowned U.S. nonprofits such as Snopes, Center for Plain Language, Pew Research, and CDC Foundation.

Content Science Founder Colleen Jones explains, “Americans turn to digital content for guidance in decisions ranging from where to eat to how to live healthier to who to vote for—now more than ever. That means now more than ever Americans need quality content they can trust. But we can’t assume platforms dependent on advertising like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can or will fully safeguard that trust. So, we’re supporting nonprofits with missions that counterbalance those platforms’ interests and shed light on critical content issues such as disinformation, hoaxes, deep fakes, and advertisements or sponsored content disguised as news.”

badge indicates when Content Science will donateIn the spirit of companies like Toms making a donation for every purchase, Content Science will contribute 10% of every purchase of these popular content education items:

“I’m thrilled to start this donation program with easy-to-access products that empower people to make their content make a difference and equip them with skills for the content future,” notes Jones.

Content Science will make contributions each quarter to nonprofits with initiatives relevant to truth in content, starting March 30, 2020.

Jones adds, “A founding principal of the United States is checks and balances. I’m proud to carry that principal forward to 2020 by supporting nonprofits that offer checks and balances on content riddled with errors, manipulation, hate, and lies. I’ve seen first hand, many times, the positive impact that quality digital content can make, and I’m excited to rebuild trust in it.”

colleen jones records a training video

Content Science Founder records a content education video.


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