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Content Science Publishes Comprehensive Guide to Modernize Content Strategy and Operations

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science has released a comprehensive new guide to help enterprises and growing organizations modernize their content strategy and operations.

Specifically, the guide explains why and how to launch an end-to-end content initiative. Content Science President Colleen Jones explains, “In a time of unprecedented disruption and change, an end-to-end content approach is the only way to achieve impact reliably.”

Content Science developed the guide because despite making strides in other areas such as technology or for specific purposes such as content marketing, many companies overall still treat content the same way they did as long as a decade ago.

“Our team continues to see content approaches that are needlessly siloed, reactive, inefficient, tactical, and lacking insight about content effectiveness. The dire end results can range from lost revenue to more support costs to more customer churn to damaged brand reputation to legal problems to losing top talent, ” notes Jones.

“And our most recent content operations research backs this up. More than half of participants reported that their organization’s maturity level is 1 (chaotic) or 2 (piloting) out of 5 (thriving).”

Content Science based the guide on their independent research and their deep experience with training hundreds of content leaders and advising top companies and organizations. This guide also complements the top-rated book The Content Advantage by empowering leaders to start an end-to-end initiative.
“We mean it when we say we view this as the ‘ultimate’ guide to launching an end-to-end content approach,” explains Jones. “The guide is chock full of useful details to help leaders achieve buy in with diverse stakeholders, navigate objections, dispel myths, and more.”
Additionally, the guide includes checklists, statistics, reference tables, a worksheet, and quotes from leaders with diverse organizations such as Thomson Reuters, The Home Depot, and CFA Institute.
The Ultimate Guide to End-to-End Content is available for download at the Content Science website.


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