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Content Science Issues Q2 Donations to Support Equality

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science directed nonprofit donations for Q2 2023 toward trusted organizations supporting truth in content to support greater equality.

Specifically, donations were targeted towards organizations that fight mis/disinformation about African Americans and about the LGBTQIA community in recognition of Juneteenth and Pride Month.

“Much misinformation and disinformation is about marginalized populations,” notes Content Science President Colleen Jones. I’m proud to support a mix of organizations that fight the rampant spread of untruths and organizations that advance equality and equity.”

In the spirit of companies like Toms making a donation for every purchase, Content Science is contributing 10% of proceeds from these popular educational online products:

Contributions are made each quarter to nonprofits with initiatives fighting disinformation and protecting truth in content.

About Content Science

Content Science is an award-winning end-to-end content firm founded by Colleen Jones, author of The Content Advantage. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Content Science has advised clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups, institutions, and government agencies since 2010. The firm also owns the content intelligence product ContentWRX, runs Content Science Academy, and publishes the online magazine Content Science Review.

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