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Content Science Releases New Content Operations Report with Trends and Success Factors

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science has released the findings from its latest content operations study in the report What Makes Content Operations Successful? The research report reveals a strong correlation between content success and factors such as a clear content vision and strategy, regularly evaluating content effectiveness, and using advanced technology like artificial intelligence.

However, compared to 2021, more organizations are in the early stages of content operations maturity and far fewer report operating at the more advanced level.

The content operations study collected responses from more than 125 content professionals over the past 18 months. Participants work in a variety of industries including technology, finance, health, education, and nonprofit. Participants work at organizations ranging from Mayo Clinic to Cisco to
A sample of the top findings include:
  • The majority of companies are at either level 1 (chaotic) or level 2 (scaling) out of 5 content operations maturity levels.
  • The top three challenges to mature content operations are:
    • Content strategies are not standard for the entire organization
    • No direct evaluation of content effectiveness
    • No clear content strategy or plan
  • Organizations that report being very successful are more likely to have a clearly defined content vision.
  • Very successful organizations are more than twice as likely than slightly successful ones to evaluate content impact and success regularly.
  • The top barriers to maturing content operations are lack of communication across silos and red tape / bureaucracy.
  • 44% report personalizing the content experience for their users or customers.
  • 29% use machine learning or AI for content work such as distribution and generation.
  • Organizations that offer content-specific training are less likely than teams without it to experience challenges.
  • The majority of content teams consist of six members or fewer and we continue to see an increase in higher-level content roles.
  • Content leadership roles have decreased 15% from 2021, and writer roles by 8%.
This study also serves as a model of Content Science’s research and content development capabilities through solutions like CS Brain and CS Forge. “I’m proud of the Content Science team for conducting this unique study at a high level of quality and efficiency. We really lived up to the high standards we set for ourselves and for our work with clients and partners,” notes Jones.
Insights from the 2023 edition of What Makes Content Operations Successful? is available in several formats.
  • Executive Summary: The executive summary is freely available to view here.
  • Full Report: Content Science Review subscribers will be able to access the full report with detailed findings, quotes from leaders with top organizations such as ServiceNow, and commentary from the Content Science team as premium content. 
  • Trainings: Course material in our Content Leadership certification through Content Science Academy as well as our ongoing webinars will bring forward relevant insights from the research.
  • The Content Advantage Workshop also will share insights from the research.

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