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Colleen Jones Announces Title Change for Second Edition of Popular Content Book

posted by Colleen Jones

Atlanta, Georgia –  The release date of the second edition of Clout is rapidly approaching, but Content Science Founder Colleen Jones has another big announcement: She’s changing the title to The Content Advantage (Clout 2.0): The Science of Succeeding at Digital Business through Effective Content.

Why? The answer is two-fold.

“In reflecting on the 7 years since the first edition, I’m more convinced than ever that content makes or breaks not only an organization’s clout but also its entire digital business,” Jones explains.

“Every business function, from marketing to support to human resources, depends on content. The choice today is no longer whether to do content. The choice is whether to take a strategic approach to content and execute well. And in our digital business age, this goes for small businesses as much as it goes for enterprises.”

New Riders, an imprint of Pearson Education, announced earlier this year that they will publish a second edition of Clout this spring.

Clout 2.0 will focus on crystallizing a content vision, the six elements of content effectiveness, and perspective on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate content creation, delivery, or optimization, among other focal points. It offers a modernized and comprehensive approach for planning, creating, delivering, and optimizing content that will make any business thrive.

The first edition of Clout, originally published in 2010, has since been a top seller in the arena of planning, creating, and evaluating content with impact.

Preorder The Content Advantage (Clout 2.0): The Science of Succeeding at Digital Business through Effective Content here. Attendees of The Content Science Clinic will also receive copies of the second edition.

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