American Cancer Society

As web and mobile content needs rapidly changed for ACS’s audiences, Content Science provided web content best practices training to keep this renowned nonprofit ahead of the curve.

Content Training Helps Renowned Nonprofit Modernize

As one of the oldest and most renowned nonprofits, the American Cancer Society (ACS) works to save lives every day and create a world with less cancer. Facing rapid shifts in how its audiences consume web content, ACS wanted to ensure that its executives, subject matter experts, and writers reached their audiences in the most effective way possible.


Fast-shifting web and mobile trends meant ACS’s content needed to work harder

ACS developed much of its core content expertise for print publications and marketing materials. As the way people use the Internet rapidly changed over the past 10 years, ACS recognized its content needed to adapt to the web and mobile. To make sure they were up to speed on this quickly evolving content climate, ACS sent its best and brightest to Content Science’s training space in Atlanta for an all-day session on the latest web content best practices.


Customized training established a modern vision for content and educated stakeholders about best practices to achieve the vision

To help ACS maximize its training time, we customized our training session to include a vision for effective web content; essential web content best practices; trends in SEO, visual content, and mobile content; considerations for CMS technology; and many health and nonprofit examples. We focused on connecting best practices with important ACS business goals such as creating a positive user experience, enhancing communications strategy, and making content production and distribution more efficient.


Tools, expertise, and collaboration to catalyze change necessary to achieve goals

Our training provided ACS with tools and expertise to support their shift in priorities from print to web and mobile. Bringing together people from different teams within ACS fostered collaboration, which continues to help ACS achieve its business goals.


From Our Client

My team got a lot out of the custom training. They appreciated the data that Colleen was able to provide as well as the emphasis on mobile. A number of them said they had never thought about our content in this way, so she definitely opened their eyes to that usage. They also said they would have liked more time to work on the content exercises. To me, that’s a great sign!"

Eleni Berger, Managing Director, Content, American Cancer Society
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