CFA Institute

With more than 135,000 members in 150 countries and territories, CFA Institute is the largest association of investment management professionals in the world.

Longtime Financial Not-for-Profit Invests in Modern Nonprofit Content Strategy

As the largest association of investment management professionals in the world, CFA Institute has administered the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst charter for more than 50 years. As CFA Institute members and other investment management professionals interact with the renowned nonprofit more and more through digital means, digital content becomes critical. So, the organization partnered with Content Science to explore opportunities to modernize their content approach and nonprofit content strategy.


Fast-shifting web and mobile trends meant CFA Institute’s digital content needed to work in today’s digital-forward world

Always seeking the best way to engage their members and audiences, the nonprofit’s leaders began modernizing their web technology and recognized an opportunity to evolve their approach to content and their nonprofit content strategy.


A customized analysis of CFA’s content situation resulted in 38 strategic recommendations to strengthen their content vision and position content as a valuable asset for their organization and for their users


Our analysis started with an audit to assess CFA’s content effectiveness, which uncovered opportunities to create more personalized content experiences for users, view and manage some content as products, maximize ROI of technology used, and influences members and investment management professionals positively.


Our audit and analysis laid out a high-level roadmap to implement our 38 strategic recommendations 

Our analysis revealed the weaknesses of CFA’s content and helped position content as more than just a cost of doing business. AS CFA continues to implement our recommendations, the culture has already shifted thanks to silos being broken down through their new shared content vision and nonprofit content stragegy. Now, user journeys now inform their content decisions, and content is viewed as an asset across the organization.

From Our Client

The calm manner of Content Science, and in particular Colleen Jones, inspires confidence. They give you the sense everything is going to be ok, even though elevating your approach to content means potentially a lot of change internally. So, that calm manner matters when you need to re-direct the attention content has been getting toward more aspirational goals.

Susanna Guzman, CFA Institute Director of Web Services
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