The Home Depot

A longtime part of the Fortune 50, this multinational home improvement retailer sells tools, supplies, construction products, home decorating products, transportation rentals, and much more.

Home Improvement Retailer Upgrades the Pro Experience with Content Architecture


During the pandemic, the home improvement retailer experienced a surge of business. At the same time, the enterprise faced intense pressure to accelerate its digital transformation and improve its digital experiences. Specifically, the retailer saw an opportunity to better serve home improvement professionals by enhancing its application and content for pros. That’s where Content Science came in.


Content Science combined capabilities to understand the situation and form recommendations:

  • CS Lab to audit the current content, analyze the current experience and supporting content, and conduct a robust competitive analysis.
  • CS Brain to define a vision for the application and content experience and synthesize the analysis with trends and best practices.
  • CS Brain to develop a report of strategic recommendations and creative ideas for the application, the content experience, and the content architecture.

The effort identified 

  • Opportunities to handle content significantly better than competitors.
  • A spectrum of approaches to pro digital experiences across competitors.
  • A navigation and UI scheme for the application and supporting content.
  • A robust set of practices for content structure and taxonomy to improve findability.
  • The need to serve an end-to-end pro experience with appropriate content.



This work enabled the home improvement retailer to turn the intense pressure of the pandemic into a period of innovating the pro customer experience. Some benefits include

  • Aligning different teams around a common vision for the application and the content.
  • Accelerating budget support through well-formed ideas supported by research.
  • Increasing adoption of application features and application engagement.
  • Significantly growing the revenue from pros.
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