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New ContentWRX Feature Assesses Customer Perceptions of AI-Generated Content

posted by Esther Goh



Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science has added a feature to ContentWRX that enables assessing customer or user perceptions of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

“Smart organizations are maturing their approach to generative AI. One key to success is building customer or user trust in content generated by AI,” notes Content Science President Colleen Jones. “This new ContentWRX feature now makes it easy to track perceptions like trust and more.”

The new ContentWRX feature can ask whether customers or users think the content they’re using is generated by AI, then existing analysis features can correlate the answers with other ContentWRX data to generate a range of insights.

“It’s exciting to assess quickly how AI-generated content has an impact on the dimensions of content effectiveness, such as accuracy, discoverability, relevance, and influence on decisions,” notes Content Science Vice President Christopher Jones, PhD.

As with the rest of the patented ContentWRX system, the purpose of this new AI feature is to scale assessment of content effectiveness for large websites, applications, and digital ecosystems.

“With every organization depending more than ever on content to do business, tracking content effectivenesswhether content is created by humans or AIis essential,” notes Colleen Jones.


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The patented ContentWRX system from Content Science offers unique features that take the hassle out of understanding and predicting your content’s effectiveness. ContentWRX analyzes and scores the effectiveness of content, enabling organizations to collect, analyze, interpret, and act on data to accelerate ROI across sales, marketing, customer support and more. 

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