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Content Science Growth Wins Gold Titan Award

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science’s remarkable growth has earned gold at the prestigious Titan Business Awards.

Founder Colleen Jones launched Content Science initially to offer boutique consulting on content and digital strategy. Three years ago that vision expanded for Content Science to be an end-to-end content agency that turns insights about content into impact.

The pandemic made realizing this vision extremely challenging. But the Content Science team rose to the challenge.

“We had to shelve our plans for growth in 2019 and most of 2020. It was quite frustrating, but I also had Content Science use the time wisely to package our offerings as solutions, improve ContentWRX, and mature our brand,” notes Jones. “And then at the close of 2020 I decided to take the plans for growth off the shelf.”

In 2021, Content Science’s efforts paid off with a 175% increase in revenue compared to 2020.

Content Science’s achievement is unique in that the company pushed to grow during a very uncertain economic time when in-person meetings were not possible.

“Content Science modeled the approach we encourage our clients to take by relying on digital content to drive our growth, putting our time, heart, and money where our mouth is,” notes Jones.

This achievement has now been recognized at the 2022 Titan Business Awards, where Content Science won gold in the category for achievement in growth.

Jones adds, “Content Science has earned a range of prestigious awards for our content work with clients and for our products, but this is our first award recognizing our business accomplishments. This award is extra special to me, and I think it’s one of many more business awards to come.”

The Titan Business Awards recognize, celebrate, and honor innovative excellence across all business incorporated industries, as well as the most outstanding entrepreneurs within high-growing businesses.

About Content Science

Content Science is an end-to-end content company that works with the world’s leading brands to close the content gap in digital business. Our solutions CS BrainCS Forge, and CS Lab bring together outstanding services as well as unique products with proprietary data like ContentWRX. We turn your content insight into business impact.

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