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ContentWRX Joins Forces with Content Chimera for Innovative Content Analysis

posted by Esther Goh


Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science announces a strategic partnership to leverage the new content analysis platform, Content Chimera.

As part of the partnership, current ContentWRX Audit users will move to Content Chimera and gain access to more robust content inventory, analysis, and visualization functionality. Content Science will continue to support those users. ContentWRX Effectiveness will continue as a separate platform focused on evaluating the impact of content.

“Content technology expert David Hobbs built Content Chimera as a true content analysis platform from day one, reflecting a vision similar to ours of where content analysis and inventory management need to go,” notes Content Science Founder Colleen Jones. “Joining forces allows us to accelerate moving content analysis into a more sophisticated and useful experience for our customers.”

It is a natural partnership of complementary offerings.

“Content Science has built an impressive array of resources to empower organizations to improve content in a wide range of industries. One of our goals is to put more powerful and engaging content analysis tools in more hands, and we look forward to working with Content Science to accomplish that,” Hobbs says.

Additionally, the strategic partnership enables easy integration of ContentWRX Effectiveness data. “Bringing together the content effectiveness data from ContentWRX and the visualization capabilities of Content Chimera is a powerful way to see the impact of your content,” notes Jones. 

Hobbs says this will offer users access to new levels of content insight.

“Content Chimera was designed to illuminate patterns in content in order to better view the path forward on more effective content. Content Chimera will allow ContentWRX Effectiveness data to be merged with other data to help visualize patterns that would otherwise remain hidden.”


About Content Science
Content Science is an end-to-end content company that works with the world’s leading brands to close the content gap in digital business. Our solutions CS BrainCS Forge, and CS Lab bring together outstanding services as well as unique products with proprietary data like ContentWRX. We turn your content insight into business impact.

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About David Hobbs Consulting and Content Chimera
David Hobbs Consulting helps organizations make high impact changes to complex digital presences. David has been frustrated for years by the state of content analysis in our industry with its emphasis on line-by-line, manual analysis, which is error-prone, inefficient, and not engaging for stakeholders. Over the years David has hacked together ETL, BI, spreadsheet, and crawler tools to do sophisticated content analysis for and with clients. In order to improve content analysis, first for clients and now more broadly, we built Content Chimera. Content Chimera is the only content analysis tool that combines crawling, URL deduplicating, sophisticated visualization, a rules engine for making decisions at scale, and arbitrary data imports.