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Acrolinx Content Insiders Podcast Features Colleen Jones

posted by Esther Goh
colleen jones - content insiders podcast

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science Founder Colleen Jones features in the season finale of the Content Insiders Podcast, hosted by Acrolinx CEO Volker Smid.

The series showcases a variety of enterprise content leaders from companies like IBM, Nestle, Ericsson, Citrix, and more, delving into how they leverage content to differentiate and surpass their goals.

Acrolinx is a leader in the content technology field, and well placed to host conversations about developments in this space.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Jones shares insights on the value of content for different business functions and common challenges faced in the enterprise environment. 

The role of technology in content marketing, operations, and effectiveness is discussed in detail in this lively episode, which also includes a cameo from Smid’s young son, and spans time zones from Germany to the eastern US. 

Content technology is essential to scaling up advanced content marketing programs and enabling automation of content personalization, curation, delivery and much more. Jones offers insights into the opportunities that lie ahead and the importance of embracing a content technology stack.

Being the final episode in the season, they also wrap up by circling back to touch on specific examples covered off in earlier episodes with other content leaders who participated in Season One. 

Listen to/watch the episode here. Or you can browse the Content Insiders full season here.

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