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Praise for The Content Advantage in Glowing Kirkus Review

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – A new review of The Content Advantage: The Science of Succeeding at Digital Business through Effective Content by Kirkus has deemed it an “impressively encyclopedic” and authoritative guide, noting that the author’s expertise is “evident on every page”.

The review acknowledges the book as less a sequel than a fully reworked version, and an authoritative single-volume guide for anyone with a professional interest in the creation and management of digital content.

“The author furnishes an impressively encyclopedic account of what it takes to create a successful content operation that begins with an analytically deep audit of one’s capabilities,” it says.

With consistent lucidity, Jones breaks down the fundamental elements of sound content strategy: a “content intelligence system” that effectively assists readers to “embrace the data” and a model of “content operations maturity” that helps “sustain and even scale your implementation.”

She aims to create a “long-lasting reference but also a useful, cohesive read,” a goal she has certainly accomplished.

Kirkus concludes by summarizing the book as “an accessible, remarkably comprehensive resource for those looking to master the terrain of digital content.”

It’s just the latest in a series of positive ratings for the book, which has been earning kudos since its release in 2018. Leaders at Vanguard, Intuit, and more have previously voiced praise for The Content Advantage: 

“I’ve read similar books on content strategy and believe this one to be the best. I would recommend this book to anyone creating content, working on strategy, or creating the tools to deliver content.” Kyle McDougall, Intuit

“The Content Advantage is a must read for current (and aspiring) content strategists, UX professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, product managers, writers, and everyone else who touches digital content.” Jacy Garraway, Vanguard

The Content Advantage is available in print, as an ebook, and in audio format. Order your copy on Amazon.

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