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Content Science Acquires CAT to Expand Content Intelligence Offering

posted by Esther Goh
cat acquisition by content science

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science has added CAT (Content Analysis Tool) to its portfolio of content intelligence products and services. Acquiring the product from inventor and content strategy pioneer Paula Land, the move makes Content Science the most complete solution available for content inventorying, auditing, and evaluation.

Content Science Founder Colleen Jones notes, “I have recommended CAT to others since its early days, and we regularly recommend it in our training, consulting, and online courses. I’m honored that innovator Paula Land has entrusted the Content Science team with this time-tested product that serves tens of thousands of users.”

Land adds, “I couldn’t be more pleased that CAT will be joining the Content Science family. The synergy between CAT and the tools and services Content Science offers makes it a perfect fit. I look forward to watching CAT flourish and become an even more valuable tool in the content strategy toolbox.”

CAT automates creating a content inventory and audit, an essential step in any content strategy or search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Beyond that, companies that regularly analyze and evaluate their content report significantly more success than companies that don’t. Yet, only one third of companies report actually auditing and evaluating their content regularly.

“Content leaders and teams face too many obstacles today in assembling content intelligence. As Content Science acquires CAT, we’re taking an important step to make auditing and evaluating content faster, easier, and more actionable so companies can succeed with content,” Jones emphasizes.

Content Science will not change CAT immediately but does plan to integrate CAT in a robust content intelligence solution, which includes the content effectiveness product ContentWRX, training in Content Science Academy, Content Science Review premium content, and Content Science professional services

“Our goal is to maintain the excellent performance that CAT users expect now while we take CAT, along with our content intelligence offerings, to a new level that exceeds all expectations,” explains Jones.

About Content Science

Content Science is an award-winning content intelligence and strategy company founded by Colleen Jones, author of  The Content Advantage. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Content Science has advised clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups, institutions, and government agencies since 2010. The firm also owns the content intelligence product ContentWRX, runs Content Science Academy, and publishes the online magazine Content Science Review.

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