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LinkedIn Learning to Launch Content Marketing Courses Featuring Colleen Jones

posted by Esther Goh

Atlanta, Georgia – A new content marketing course will debut on LinkedIn Learning this month, taught by Content Science Founder Colleen Jones.

The course, Introduction to Content Marketing, is designed for professionals looking to upskill in this modern marketing discipline in their own time.

“I’ve been a fan of LinkedIn Learning ever since it was So, it’s a thrill and honor to create a full course dedicated to content marketing. The LinkedIn Learning approach allowed me to pack an incredible number of lessons into an easy-to-consume format,” she says.

Introduction to Content Marketing will be available to anyone who is subscribed to LinkedIn Learning, as well as anyone with a LinkedIn premium membership. Currently, more than 500 million people have access to LinkedIn Learning.

“I’m excited that this course is so easy for so many people to access. Whenever you use LinkedIn, you can pop over to check out a video from the course.”

In these video lessons, Jones will cover essential content marketing know-how, guiding viewers through the process of getting started all the way through to establishing regular operations and scaling up. Topics covered in the 37 videos include:

  • Defining content and debunking some common myths
  • Defining content marketing, from its early roots to modern approaches and objectives 
  • The elements of successful content marketing, including growing an audience, defining a viewpoint, delivering content experiences, and content promotion
  • Developing a winning content marketing strategy, including the questions you need to ask, and conducting competitive analysis
  • Creating and sourcing effective content, whether inhouse or outsourced, and mapping it to the customer journey
  • Growing content operations, from setting up a calendar through to clarifying roles and processes
  • Establishing content intelligence, including selecting and tracking KPIs, and optimizing performance
  • Maximizing content technology, from the basics through to advanced options
  • Content marketing opportunities, such as scaling up, and winning in content regardless of your business size

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Content Science is an award-winning content intelligence and strategy company founded by Colleen Jones, author of The Content Advantage. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Content Science has advised clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups, institutions, and government agencies since 2010. The firm also owns the content intelligence product ContentWRX, runs Content Science Academy, and publishes the online magazine Content Science Review.

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