Learn the process to select the right CMS (content management system) in today's market.

The White Paper

Are you in the market for a content management system (CMS), or think you will be soon? You’ve come to the right place. Perhaps your organization does not have any CMS. Perhaps your organization has so many CMSs, it’s hard to keep track. No matter your content management situation, this comprehensive guide will help you choose a CMS with confidence.

We developed this guide based on our deep experience, our industry-leading research into content operations, and our research into CMS decisions with dotCMS. This guide is completely CMS agnostic. In other words, it does not recommend a specific content management system. Instead, this guide offers a proven approach to choosing and implementing a CMS successfully. Specifically, this guide includes

  • 5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your CMS Approach
  • The Importance of CMS to Diverse Stakeholders
  • Top 3 Challenges to Selecting a CMS Today
  • Assessing Your CMS Needs
  • 5-Step Process for CMS Selection
  • Handy Glossary of CMS Terms