Learn 20 signs of a content problem in your high-stakes initiative

The White Paper

If your organization is large while also trying to modernize and grow, chances are your organization has invested in one or more of these high-stakes initiatives:

  • AI-driven digital transformation
  • Customer experience improvement
  • Marketing technology implementation
  • Design thinking for innovation

Chances also are high that your organization has experienced one or more problems, too. That’s where this white paper comes in.

After more than a decade of working with and studying a range of large and growing companies, nonprofits, and government agencies, Content Science has identified 20 signs that a problem related to one of these intiatives is, in reality, a content problem. If the organization had a taken a different approach to content in the initiative or in general, the problem would not have happened or would have been much less severe.

We assembled the 20 signs in this white paper, along with explanations, quotes from leaders, and crucial statistics to underscore the urgency of resolving each problem.

More specifically, 20 Signs That X Problem Is a Content Problem includes

  • An explanation of the value of correctly diagnosing problems quickly
  • An overview of 5 common enterprise initiatives where the mishandling of content causes problems
  • A breakdown of 5 signs of a content problem for each initative (20 total)
  • Facts and statistics throughout from Content Science research and other sources
  • An overview of an end-to-end content approach

No matter whether you work in marketing, communications, UX, customer success, IT, sales, or another important function, you can lead your organization to better recognize content problems. And arrive at better solutions, faster.

Note: This white paper is copyrighted, with all rights reserved. After downloading, you’re welcome to use, reference, and quote it with proper citation / credit to Content Science.