DOES YOUR CONTENT WORK? Why Evaluate Your Content—and What You Need to Start

The Book

Does your content work? It's a simple question, but getting a clear answer is often anything but easy.

This ebook from Colleen Jones, author of Clout, will help you overcome common challenges and start evaluating content regularly.

The benefits?  When you know whether your content is working for your customers or users, you and your content teams can make better decisions about content – faster.  This ebook explains content evaluation in plain language (with an occasional 80s reference) and offers:

  • A practical rationale and process for evaluating content.
  • A review of common obstacles to evaluating content efficiently and successfully.
  • Tips and techniques for evaluating content.
  • Anecdotes from leading practitioners at Cox Media, Dell, InterContinental Hotels Group, Sharecare, Facebook, PayPal, and more.

Improving content quality in large organizations can feel like an uphill battle against processes, data, and operational silos. With the prioritized, action-oriented methods she’s laid out in Does Your Content Work?, Colleen Jones simplifies the science of content evaluation in ways that enable the art of content to thrive.

Aaron Burgess, UX Content Director, PayPal
The Author

"Evaluating whether your content works is something many organizations talk about, but few actually do well. I wrote this book to jump start your approach. You'll move from talking to doing quickly."

– Colleen Jones, Principal, Content Science

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