The Art of Technology Translation

How To Communicate Even the Most Intimidating Information to a Non-Technical Audience

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Aug 08 2012

Early in my career, I edited a magazine focused on promoting the Georgia technology industry. In 2004, we put together a directory of Georgia technology companies as part of a special issue. One late afternoon after a full day of editing, I stared at a page of information systems company descriptions. Eyes weary from reading thousands of words, my 10,000 foot view of these technology company descriptions staring back at me led to an epiphany. Read More >

More Content Essentials for Organic SEO

Work with Designers and Developers for Better SEO

Lisa Clark Posted by

Aug 02 2012

Previously, we looked at how to make your content more readable for search engines. Now, let’s see what you need to know as your site enters visual design, coding and beyond.


OK. The hard part of SEO is over for you content strategists. Or is it? Working with your team to optimize their designs + code is also an important part of the process. Read More >

Yes, Your Enterprise Content Can Be Smarter

A Talk with Ann Rockley About Content Structure + Automation

Colleen Jones Posted by

Jul 26 2012

MEC2eCoverWe’re facing a digital world with more ways to publish content than ever. Wouldn’t it be handy to make content smart enough to know where to publish and how? Ann Rockley has spent decades figuring that out. A pioneer of structured content and content automation, Ann recently released the second edition of her seminal book, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy. Read More >

Intentional Content Gets Sexy Results

A Chat with Melissa Rach, Co-Author of Content Strategy for the Web

Colleen Jones Posted by

Jul 19 2012

Today, it’s a thrilling and daunting time to do content strategy. Users constantly demand quality content across a growing number of channels and touchpoints. Fortunately, thought leaders in this space are rising up to the challenge. I recently had the pleasure of picking the brain of one of those thought leaders, Melissa Rach. Melissa co-authored the second edition of Content Strategy for the Web (New Riders). Read More >

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Content Essentials for Organic SEO

Good Search Engine Rankings Start with Good Content

Lisa Clark Posted by

Jul 16 2012

SEO (search engine optimization) is effectively describing your site to search engines so they recommend its content to to the right people. Who are the right people? People searching for terms and topics that are relevant to your content.

Without SEO, your content won’t appear at the top of search results for Google when you want it to. And, your content won’t work well with your own website’s search function. Read More >