Putting Your Arguments Into Practice

Make the Case in Your Content Communication, Architecture, + Design

Colleen Jones Posted by

Sep 12 2012

In my last essay, I explained why valid, sound arguments are so important to helping people make decisions. In this post, let’s delve more into what arguments mean for planning all sides of your content—communication (or editorial), architecture, and design.


An argument is more than a key message and less than a flood of information. Read More >

Could Uncredible Content Stymie Health Innovation?

An Excerpt from My New Article for Interactions

Colleen Jones Posted by

Sep 06 2012

I’m delighted to share this excerpt from “Will Content Credibility Problems Flatline Health Innovation?” The full article is available from ACM Interactions. It’s free for ACM SIGCHI members and a small cost for nonmembers. 

Coverthumbnail“Digital content—the text, images, audio, and video that make up digital experiences—is in demand. In few industries is it more in demand than for health. Eight in 10 American internet users have looked online for health information. Read More >

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Multiscreen World

New Research Sheds Light on How Americans Use TV, Smartphones, Tablets, + More

Colleen Jones Posted by

Aug 31 2012

Digital today is a world of unprecedented complexity, which is a big opportunity. This research, sponsored by Google, shows different ways Americans use multiple screens.


What does this mean for content? American consumers want whatever content they want whenever they want it. They want content in and of itself and content to support tasks, such as shopping, anytime and anywhere. That’s an unprecedented demand for content. Read More >

The Art of Technology Translation (Part 2)

5 Ways to Communicate Intimidating Information to a Non-Technical Audience

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Aug 28 2012

In Part 1, I discussed two of the most common technology content flaws and offered up a new way of looking at your technology content. Here, in Part 2, I explore some specific insights, takeaways, and examples to help you improve your content about technology.

To start, understand that technology ultimately affects people in some way—a way that you can express in plain language. Read More >

Tell a Story with Numbers

Essential Questions to Make Your Infographics More Meaningful

Lisa Clark Posted by

Aug 22 2012

Let’s take a look at why the infographic is a versatile tool for telling a story with numbers—and how you can make the most of it with careful planning.


We all suffer from a constant barrage of facts and figures. Although we know web users do read, most people don’t have the time or patience to read everything.

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