So What is the Difference Between Information and Content


Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 25 2012

Huh? Allow me to explain… More than once, I’ve faced this question, “Colleen, so, what is the difference between information and content?” Only recently, as I prepared for a guest lecture at CDC, did I arrive at a simple but useful answer. It’s the so-what factor.


Content answers the question, “So what?” Content explains how a topic or solution or idea relates to you. Read More >

Hero 2.0

Rethinking What Heroes Mean for Businesses, Brands, Media, Disciplines, + Us

Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 17 2012

It’s been a rough year for my heroes. Jonah Lehrer, a talented neuroscience writer and thinker, has a plagiarism and taking-things-out-of-context problem. And, Lance Armstrong has a doping and bullying problem. I find Armstrong’s example particularly troubling. He didn’t simply dope to win a race.

No, Armstrong architected an intricate system of lies, drug use, and intimidation to dominate a sport. Read More >

Content Strategy + Planning for Government

An Interview with Peter Lee, Creative Director of GeorgiaGov

Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 11 2012

PeterLeeCan the government do content strategy right? If Peter Lee’s efforts are any indication, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Peter helmed the recent relaunch of GeorgiaGov, a state government portal that many people visit. Each month, the website gets about 1.3 million page views . This relaunch covered every kind of “re” you can imagine—replatform, redesign, and reimagined content. Read More >

Visual Content Strategy

What It Is + Why You Need It

Lisa Clark Posted by

Oct 03 2012

To draw users in with digital content, you need words and visuals. Let’s dig into the visual side of strategic planning for content.


When we say content, we’re talking about more than text. We mean images, videos, infographics, slide sets, and more. A strong content strategy will define what to tell and what to show through visuals. Read More >

Winning the Battle Against Content Chaos: Part 2

An Interview With James Deer, Co-Founder of GatherContent

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Sep 26 2012

James DeerIn Part I of our interview with James Deer, GatherContent’s co-founder, we discussed the problem of content chaos in organizations and how to spot the most common content strategy weaknesses. In Part II, we talk to James about content templates, what to do about PDFs, and whether “content strategy” is real or hype.

You mentioned in a blog post that you were worried about spamming versus sending legitimate notifications. Read More >