Revving Up Company Culture + Brand Voice

MTV Inspires G.M. to Evolve from the Inside Out

Lisa Clark Posted by

May 20 2012

Recently, I reviewed the article “Highway to Health” about Ford’s experimentation with addressing the very different needs of their older and younger customers. So, I was eager to read the New York Times article “As Young Lose Interest in Cars, G.M. Turns to MTV for Help” that discusses similar concerns at General Motors (G.M.) for Chevrolet. Here’s the essence of the article and what it means for content. Read More >

Content Strategy for a Redesign

An Excerpt from Smashing Chapter 3 1/3

Colleen Jones Posted by

May 18 2012

smashing_chapter2We’re living in a crazy but exciting time for digital. Sooner or later, you will face a redesign. When your platforms become outdated, your user or customer neeeds change drastically, or your organization has new goals, a redesign will make sense. (But, please, don’t redesign for the sake of redesigning, as Lou Rosenfeld points out.)

Content strategy is an essential part of a redesign. Read More >

If Your Content Isn’t Memorable, Does It Exist?

Brainy techniques = influence

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May 11 2012

Years ago, I attended a lecture at UNC-Chapel Hill where the featured speaker was Noble Prize winner, James D. Watson. He told the story of how a textbook and a chance encounter led him to a historic scientific discovery.

I remember the date of his discovery well. It was February 27, 1953, and he was very close to solving a long-standing scientific riddle. Read More >

Why Should I Care About Content Strategy?

A Rapid Review of Content Strategy at Work

Lisa Clark Posted by

May 01 2012

If you work in interactive, you might think content strategy isn’t your job. Have you ever thought about any questions like these?

  • How often should you Tweet?
  • What is our message?
  • Would a video tell our story more effectively?
  • For our redesign, what content should we keep and what content should we delete?
  • What voice is best and what tone is appropriate when?
  • Read More >