Small Businesses, Your Blog is Your Content Foundation

Part 1 of Our Interview with Erik Wolf, Author of Blog for Business

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Nov 28 2012

Editor’s Note: While Content Science focuses on enterprises, we often get questions about content from small businesses. We believe no organization is too small to benefit from thoughtful content, so we’re delighted to bring you this two-part interview with Erik Wolf.

Erik Wolf HeadshotAre you a small business owner who doubts that blogging is worth your time? You’re not alone. Erik Wolf, author of Blog for Business: Leveraging Content for Online Marketing + Lead Generation, hears this all of the time. Read More >

Timely + Technical Doesn’t Mean Cheap + Tactical

Why Content Strategy Has Lasting Business Value

Colleen Jones Posted by

Nov 19 2012

If you’re trying to champion a content initiative, sooner or later you will have to explain the value of content and, in particular, getting strategic about it. Let’s take a closer look at two misconceptions you might encounter.


If you’re dealing with any kind of UX (user experience) or digital product team, you will have to explain the value and relationship to information architecture. Read More >

The Buying Lifecycle and Visual Content Strategy

A Match Made in Content Heaven

Lisa Clark Posted by

Nov 08 2012

In my last post, I walked through visual content strategy and why it needs to be part of your larger content strategy. Now, let’s take a look at visual content strategy in action. Visual content can help a user fall in love with a product and take the big step to purchase. But, only if you use the right approach to visual content in the right stages. Read More >

Content Best Practices are Not a Content Strategy

Take Inspiration for Strategy from Jazz

Colleen Jones Posted by

Nov 05 2012

“What are the best practices?” is a question I’m asked often by folks interested in getting more strategic with content. Whether we’re talking about making content work for mobile, reusing content across multiple channels, advising customers or guiding users, accommodating emerging international markets, or something else, the question comes up. It’s a good question. But, it’s not the first question to ask when planning your content strategy. Read More >

So What is the Difference Between Information and Content


Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 25 2012

Huh? Allow me to explain… More than once, I’ve faced this question, “Colleen, so, what is the difference between information and content?” Only recently, as I prepared for a guest lecture at CDC, did I arrive at a simple but useful answer. It’s the so-what factor.


Content answers the question, “So what?” Content explains how a topic or solution or idea relates to you. Read More >