The Luxury of Mobile

Prestige Hotel Brands Connect with Customers through Mobile Content + More

Lisa Clark Posted by

Jun 26 2012

Luxury travel is a competitive business, with each prestige hotel brand seeking the loyalty of a very savvy clientele. Mobile has become a new battleground for the attention of the prestige traveler. Let’s take a look at ways luxury hotels are creating unique mobile experiences that put the “custom” in customer.


Mobile and travel go hand-in-hand, but mobile and luxury travel go together even more so. Read More >

Smart, Tough, + Kind

A Reverie on Recent Content Conferences from Around the World

Colleen Jones Posted by

Jun 19 2012

Over the past 2 months, I’ve trekked here, there, and everywhere to speak about digital content strategy and planning. Amazing? Yes. I wish I could box up each and every experience and share it with you. But that’s the funny thing about events. You really do have to be there.

Instead, I’d like to share tidbits of my impressions, images, and insights. Read More >

Mobile Apps for Patients Model Good Strategy

Get Your Health Record, Lab Results, Doctor's Notes, + More in an Instant

Lisa Clark Posted by

Jun 12 2012

New mobile applications connect patients with their health records, their doctors, and more. Let’s take a look.


Mayo Clinic relesed its first mobile app for patients, aptly called “Patient,” in May.  Yesterday, Apple touted the app at its high profile developers’ conference. Dr. Sidna Tulledge-Scheitel, The Clinic’s Associate Dean of D-Health, says the application covers the entire patient lifecycle, “from the time they are simply seeking information about Mayo, to their first visit to any of the three campuses and finally when they become an established patient.”

Views of Patient App from Mayo Clinic

The app covers just about anyone who may be interested in the Clinic. Read More >

The new Google Knowledge Graph

6 Degrees of Google

Lisa Clark Posted by

May 23 2012

If you’ve done a Google search since May 16 (who hasn’t?), then you might have seen some new content with your search results. What is that about? Well, Google has launched a feature called Knowledge Graph to provide quick, bite-size pieces of content about selected topics. Google has culled tidbits from public sources, like Wikipedia, and compiled these facts to provide summaries, right on a results page. Read More >

Revving Up Company Culture + Brand Voice

MTV Inspires G.M. to Evolve from the Inside Out

Lisa Clark Posted by

May 20 2012

Recently, I reviewed the article “Highway to Health” about Ford’s experimentation with addressing the very different needs of their older and younger customers. So, I was eager to read the New York Times article “As Young Lose Interest in Cars, G.M. Turns to MTV for Help” that discusses similar concerns at General Motors (G.M.) for Chevrolet. Here’s the essence of the article and what it means for content. Read More >