What Do the WebMD Layoffs Mean for Health Content?

And What Can We Learn?

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 18 2012

Today, in the Colony Square building only a few feet away from our office, the leadership at WebMD is letting up to half of the 250 Atlanta staff go. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe my reaction to this health media giant being cut, quite literally, down to size.

WebMD IS health content online to many people. In our study of content and credibility earlier this year, participants rated WebMD as one of the most credible sources of any content, much less health content. Read More >

And Now for Something Completely…Relevant

Monty Python Teaches Us How NOT to Develop Web Content

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Dec 13 2012

In a hilarious Monty Python skit from 1972, the Beatles of comedy parody self-improvement TV with a show called “How To Do It.” The skit’s humor originates from the promise of learning how to do something and instead receiving only an empty, superficial explanation (delivered with enthusiasm and passion) that teaches you nothing. The two hosts, Alan and Jackie, talk about how to rid the world of all known diseases and how to play the flute. Read More >

Blasting Blogging Myths for Small Business

Part 2 of Our Interview with Erik Wolf

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Dec 11 2012

Editor’s Note: While Content Science focuses on enterprises, we often get questions about content from small businesses. We believe no organization is too small to benefit from thoughtful content, so we’re delighted to bring you this two-part interview with Erik Wolf.

Erik Wolf HeadshotIn Part 1 of our interview with Erik Wolf , author of Blog for Businesswe discussed why blogging for small businesses has become so essential for generating online leads. Read More >

A Look at iTunes 11

What a pleasant and instructive surprise…

Lisa Clark Posted by

Dec 07 2012

Apple has released the newest version of iTunes. Let’s look at how the treatment of visual content and text makes for a much better experience.


This new version was not on my radar at all. I happened upon it in the flow of my daily routine. I started up iTunes, and when asked if I’d like to download the latest version, I said sure. Read More >

It’s Time to Reimagine Everything

An In-Depth Look at the State of the Web

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 04 2012

It’s an exciting time to work in the web, especially with web content. That’s the good news with which I opened just about every presentation I gave in 2012. As we near the close of 2012, it’s only fitting to share the latest proof that things will not get less exciting anytime soon. Mary Meeker with the respected venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins shares data and insights about the state of the web, from content to connectivity. Read More >