Death Star Response Shines as Wow Moment

How Can You Wow People with Your Web Content?

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Jan 14 2013

When it comes to creating content “wow” moments, the U.S. federal government now has a proven track record. You might recall CDC’s explanation of how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. Well, now the White House has responded to a petition to build a Death Star with a geeky tongue-in-cheek explanation. A sample…

We don’t have a Death Star, but we do have floating robot assistants on the Space Station, a President who knows his way around a light saber and advanced (marshmallow) cannon, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is supporting research on building Luke’s arm, floating droids, and quadruped walkers. Read More >

New Credibility Insights for a New Year

Our Research Findings and Donations Advance Trustworthy Conten

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Jan 03 2013

It’s a new year, a great time for a fresh start. And few things need a new approach more than content for financial services. Why? Three reasons:

Financial scandals in the U.S. and around the world have weakened many people’s trust in the industry. 
Less than a year ago, Edelman’s Trust Barometer found that the trust of Americans was still shaky even though the financial sector bounced back, to some extent, economically. Read More >

Our Top 6 Posts for 2012

Our Credibility Study Is Most Popular

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Dec 31 2012

We opened 2012 by transforming Content Insights from a link blog into a full-fledged blog. Instead of sharing tidbits or quotes, we offer essay commentary, interviews, analysis, and more. To say I’m pleased with the response is akin to saying I like chocolate—the ultimate understatement.

We took a look at what posts people visited and shared the most frequently to present you with these highlights. Read More >

1 in 10 Americans Say Digital Health Content Rescued Them

Phillips Healthcare Survey Sheds Light on Trust + Health Innovation

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Dec 20 2012

We’re keenly interested in credible health content and innovation, so these new research results from Philips Healthcare intrigued us. Americans are open to technology and content in the healthcare experience, but there’s still a long way to go before Americans will trust a digital experience almost as much as their doctor.

We’re excited about the potential of digital healthcare innovation, especially with the rise of mobile. Read More >

What Do the WebMD Layoffs Mean for Health Content?

And What Can We Learn?

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Dec 18 2012

Today, in the Colony Square building only a few feet away from our office, the leadership at WebMD is letting up to half of the 250 Atlanta staff go. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe my reaction to this health media giant being cut, quite literally, down to size.

WebMD IS health content online to many people. In our study of content and credibility earlier this year, participants rated WebMD as one of the most credible sources of any content, much less health content. Read More >