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Content Science Academy Unveils 2018 Workshop Schedule

posted by Rachel Cautero

Atlanta, Georgia – Content Science Academy released its workshop schedule for 2018, and the offerings are no less than impressive.

Courses include The Content Science Clinic, the first-ever masterclass to be taken on the road, to be held in Content Science’s hometown of Atlanta, then Washington, D.C., New York, Denver, Los Angeles, and Austin.

The Content Science Clinic will give attendees a crash course in research-based principles and techniques for content strategy, content implementation, and content intelligence, helping them gain insight and inspiration with examples in a variety of industries and contexts.

For those looking to lead content initiatives with confidence, Content Science will offer Content Leadership: Bridging Silos + Building Teams in Complex Organizations, slated for both January and October. This full-day workshop will focus on the characteristics of successful content leaders, organizational silos that can plague content teams, and how to align stakeholders around a content vision. It will also cover key findings from Content Science’s 2017 Content Operations + Leadership Study.

Also on the docket for 2018 is Content Science’s Content Analytics + Content Intelligence 101, a full-day workshop that answers the seemingly simple question of does your content work? In this workshop, the Content Science team will explain the importance of measuring content ROI, the difference between evaluating and auditing content, quantitative methods of evaluating content, and more.

For more information on Content Science Academy’s workshops or to register, visit

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