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National Cancer Institute Launches ContentWRX to Capture the Voice of Content

posted by Colleen Jones

Atlanta, Georgia, Nov. 20, 2017 — ContentWRX, the content effectiveness software created by Content Science, has launched on the National Cancer Institute website.

screenshot of contentwrx

ContentWRX invites user feedback about content.

The launch marks the second government agency to use ContentWRX and the first government agency focused on health.

“In the era of fake news, research journal scams, and a multiplicity of content sources, it’s more important than ever for real organizations with credible content to ensure their content effectively reaches and resonates with the right people,” notes Content Science CEO Colleen Jones.


ContentWRX collects analytics and voice of customer data about content, then analyzes that data to assess effectiveness across six dimensions: Discovery / findability, accuracy, polish, usefulness, relevance, and influence.

“ContentWRX takes much of the grunt work out of understanding whether content is effective and why so content teams can make better and faster decisions about content,” adds Jones.

About ContentWRX

ContentWRX gives midsize and enterprise organizations a reliable, useful, and hassle-free way to evaluate their content’s effectiveness. The Coca-Cola Company, University of Georgia, American Cancer Society, Tennessee Valley Authority, andAutoTrader are among the companies who have gained understanding into what people think about and do with their content through ContentWRX. By streamlining content evaluation, ContentWRX allows everyone involved—executives, managers, and content creators—to stop guessing about what content works and start making informed content decisions backed by actionable content intelligence.

About Content Science

Content Science is an award-winning content intelligence and strategy company founded by Colleen Jones, author of “Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content.” Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Content Science has advised clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups, institutions, and government agencies since 2010. The firm also owns the content intelligence product ContentWRX, runs Content Science Academy, and publishes the online magazine Content Science Review.

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