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Content Science Releases 2017 Edition of 50 Content Facts

posted by Julia Cameron

50 Content Facts

Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 9, 2017 – Content Science, the award-winning content intelligence and strategy firm, has released its 2017 edition of 50 Content Facts, a yearly publication. This collection reveals content facts, quotes, and statistics that you can use to inform your company’s content vision and strategy. These facts were curated from a robust variety of research released by McKinsey, Gartner, Pew Research, Hubspot, Edelman, IBM, and Content Science among many others.

Facts are grouped into six distinct categories. Content Science CEO Colleen Jones believes these six areas comprise the most important aspects of determining if an organization’s content strategy will be successful. They include:

  • Content Consumption
  • Content Vision + Leadership
  • Content Teams
  • Content Intelligence + ROI
  • Content Channels
  • Content Technology

Glean insights from industry experts leading teams at Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, American Cancer Society and more to take your content strategy to the next level. View all 50 facts here.

About Content Science:

Content Science is an award-winning content intelligence and strategy company founded by Colleen Jones, author of “Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content.” Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Content Science has advised clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups, institutions, and government agencies since 2010. The firm also owns the content intelligence product ContentWRX, runs Content Science Academy, and publishes the online magazine Content Science Review.

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