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Your members + supporters need your content online…

…modernize your approach with nonprofit content strategy.

Today, people expect any organization to be present online. As forward-thinking nonprofits embrace this digital reality, content—text, images, audio, video, documents, and more—becomes critical to marketing, communication, product development, and more.

What’s more, as a nonprofit, you have a uniquely credible perspective with the strong potential to stand out among the 4.6 billion pieces of content published each day.

Content Strategy to Stand Out as You Stand Up for Your Cause

When you deliver the right content to the right people in the right format at the right time, you make wise use of your resources to advance your cause. How? Let’s review a few common ways…

  • Establishing or strengthening your nonprofit as a credible source of highly useful information
  • Improving impact of recommendations, research, guidelines, rules, or other critical information to advance your cause
  • Reducing support costs (responding to calls, emails, etc.) by helping people get information or complete tasks efficiently
  • Increasing member satisfaction with your association
  • Increasing revenue by making donations and transactions involving payment easier and more efficient

The Content Science Difference

As our name says, we know how to get your content down to a science. We’re a content intelligence and strategy firm that analyzes your content situation, develops a strategy, helps you implement the strategy, and evaluates results. Check out examples below of our work, thought leadership, and products.

Sample Clients

Longtime Financial Not-for-Profit Invests in Modern Content Strategy

CFA Institute case studyAs the largest association of investment management professionals in the world, CFA Institute has administered the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst charter for more than 50 years. The organization partnered with Content Science to explore opportunities to modernize their content approach and nonprofit content strategy.

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Content Intelligence Helps Renowned Nonprofit Make Better Content Decisions

ACS white paperFor more than 100 years, The American Cancer Society has helped people stay well, get well, and fight back against cancer. As the way people are consuming content is rapidly changing, the Society partnered with Content Science to ensure its wealth of content reaches its audiences in the most effective way possible.

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Recent Intelligence

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ContentWRX Software

contentwrxDoes your content work for your customers? Our software service takes the grunt work out of answering that question.

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Content Workshops + Training

workshopOur workshops and training will equip you or your team for content success. Public and custom on-site options available.

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