Health Content

Make your health content make a difference.

As technology and patient-centered approaches disrupt the health industry, your health content is a huge opportunity. At Content Science, we’re experts, so we make sure the right content reaches the right people—whether patients, the public, specific audiences, or customers—at the right time in their relationship with you.

ROI of Impactful Content

Impactful content (such as guidelines, checklists, descriptions, how-to articles, videos, and much more) makes a difference to your bottom line.  How? Let’s review a few common ways…

  • Attracting more of the right people
  • Increasing conversions, whether adopting healthy behaviors or buying a service, by supporting the patient or user journey
  • Reducing support and service costs by making self-service, such as remote patient monitoring, work
  • Raising awareness of your message, brand, or offerings with new or different markets
  • Increasing patient, audience, or customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Establishing your brand as a credible source of trusted advice
  • Changing perceptions of your brand or your product and service brands

The Content Science Difference

As our name suggests, we know how to get health content down to a science. We’re a content strategy and intelligence firm that analyzes your content situation, develops a strategy, helps you implement the strategy, and evaluates results. Check out examples below of our work, thought leadership, and products.

Sample Clients

Content Training Helps Renowned Nonprofit Modernize

Web Content Best Practices ACS Case Study American Cancer Society (ACS) works to save lives every day and create a world with less cancer. Facing rapid shifts in how people consume web content, ACS turned to Content Science to ensure that its executives, subject matter experts, and writers reached their audiences in the most effective way possible.

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Cerner Turns Content into a Global Sales Asset

cs_casestudy_cernerA global health company, Cerner specializes in empowering clients all over the world to communicate with patients clearly and effectively. Recently, Cerner realized their website content was not communicating to potential clients in the same way. Learn how we helped them transform their approach.

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Recent Intelligence

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ContentWRX Software

contentwrxDoes your content work for your customers? Our software service takes the grunt work out of answering that question.

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Content Workshops + Training

workshopOur workshops and training will equip you or your team for content success. Public and custom on-site options available.

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