More Content Essentials for Organic SEO

Work with Designers and Developers for Better SEO

Lisa Clark Posted by

Aug 02 2012

Previously, we looked at how to make your content more readable for search engines. Now, let’s see what you need to know as your site enters visual design, coding and beyond.


OK. The hard part of SEO is over for you content strategists. Or is it? Working with your team to optimize their designs + code is also an important part of the process. Read More >

Content Essentials for Organic SEO

Good Search Engine Rankings Start with Good Content

Lisa Clark Posted by

Jul 16 2012

SEO (search engine optimization) is effectively describing your site to search engines so they recommend its content to to the right people. Who are the right people? People searching for terms and topics that are relevant to your content.

Without SEO, your content won’t appear at the top of search results for Google when you want it to. And, your content won’t work well with your own website’s search function. Read More >

10 Reasons to Embrace SEO

Walk Through the Top Benefits of Quality Search Engine Optimization

Helen Kopp Posted by

Jan 24 2012

As someone who has worked in marketing and advertising for years, I’ve seen certain words that used to be harmless develop negative connotations. Most of us don’t hear the word “advertisement” without thinking of an annoying interruption. Particularly, the acronym “SEO” (short for search engine optimization) has become associated more and more with spam, manipulation, and trickery.

Shifts in the meaning of words are a natural part of lingual evolution, but these particular buzzwords suffer because of the people who exploit their popularity to make a quick and easy buck. Read More >