So What is the Difference Between Information and Content


Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 25 2012

Huh? Allow me to explain… More than once, I’ve faced this question, “Colleen, so, what is the difference between information and content?” Only recently, as I prepared for a guest lecture at CDC, did I arrive at a simple but useful answer. It’s the so-what factor.


Content answers the question, “So what?” Content explains how a topic or solution or idea relates to you. Read More >

The Art of Technology Translation (Part 2)

5 Ways to Communicate Intimidating Information to a Non-Technical Audience

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Aug 28 2012

In Part 1, I discussed two of the most common technology content flaws and offered up a new way of looking at your technology content. Here, in Part 2, I explore some specific insights, takeaways, and examples to help you improve your content about technology.

To start, understand that technology ultimately affects people in some way—a way that you can express in plain language. Read More >

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