The Year In Content Insights Interviews

Key Interview Insights from Our Clients and Colleagues in 2014

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Dec 22 2014

As the field of content strategy continues to grow, evolve, and become more complex, we find ourselves spoiled with a front row seat to hearing about these changes by interviewing the industry’s brightest minds. Throughout 2014, we captured countless insights from many shining content strategy stars. We don’t want to forget these insights going into 2015, so we’ve rounded up the key insights from each person we interviewed during the year and provided you a link to the full interview. Read More >

Give to Get Content Strategy Applied

New Research Provides Insight into Overcoming Content Roadblocks

Colleen Jones Posted by

Apr 29 2013

We’ve heard for 10-15 years now that organizational silos—or teams and departments that don’t coordinate with each other—hurt content. Does that ever really get solved? We know that a governance framework helps tremendously. But, that alone will never completely cure “silo syndrome.” Why? Because even with the best process, the clearest roles and responsibilities, and the most useful training or documentation, at the end of the day people involved in enterprise content must want to help each other out. Read More >

Content Strategy + Planning for Government

An Interview with Peter Lee, Creative Director of GeorgiaGov

Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 11 2012

PeterLeeCan the government do content strategy right? If Peter Lee’s efforts are any indication, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Peter helmed the recent relaunch of GeorgiaGov, a state government portal that many people visit. Each month, the website gets about 1.3 million page views . This relaunch covered every kind of “re” you can imagine—replatform, redesign, and reimagined content. Read More >

My Goodness, My Governance

Content Governance Needs Oversight Based on Evaluation

Posted by

Apr 10 2012

Congratulations, you’ve launched a new approach to content. You took the time to conduct analysis, form a strategy, and plan the right implementation. Now what? You need to keep your approach to content going. Make it sustainable and repeatable, in other words. How do you do that? By putting a system of governance in place.


Governance of web content is a system of

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