Burst Rate vs Soccer Games

The Role of Content in Guided Selling

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Oct 11 2013

When you want to buy a camera, are you more likely to ask about what camera has the best burst rate? Or will you ask which camera will best take pictures of a soccer game? Jared Spool, CEO & Founding Principal of User Interface Engineering, says that too many companies act as if customers care more about features such as burst rate. Read More >

The Buying Lifecycle and Visual Content Strategy

A Match Made in Content Heaven

Lisa Clark Posted by

Nov 08 2012

In my last post, I walked through visual content strategy and why it needs to be part of your larger content strategy. Now, let’s take a look at visual content strategy in action. Visual content can help a user fall in love with a product and take the big step to purchase. But, only if you use the right approach to visual content in the right stages. Read More >

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