Reflections on Confab Central 2014

Use Data Well and Mature Your Approach

Colleen Jones Posted by

May 21 2014

Like a delightful cake, my takeaways from the premier content strategy event Confab Central have layers. Life is short, so let’s dig into this takeaway treat.

Using Data to Inform Content Decisions

I attended or heard kudos about several presentations that shed light on using data well. Content analysis and content evaluation are top of mind for our teams at Content Science and ContentWRX, so I particularly appreciated these perspectives. Read More >

It’s Time to Reimagine Everything

An In-Depth Look at the State of the Web

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 04 2012

It’s an exciting time to work in the web, especially with web content. That’s the good news with which I opened just about every presentation I gave in 2012. As we near the close of 2012, it’s only fitting to share the latest proof that things will not get less exciting anytime soon. Mary Meeker with the respected venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins shares data and insights about the state of the web, from content to connectivity. Read More >

So What is the Difference Between Information and Content


Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 25 2012

Huh? Allow me to explain… More than once, I’ve faced this question, “Colleen, so, what is the difference between information and content?” Only recently, as I prepared for a guest lecture at CDC, did I arrive at a simple but useful answer. It’s the so-what factor.


Content answers the question, “So what?” Content explains how a topic or solution or idea relates to you. Read More >

Mobile Apps for Patients Model Good Strategy

Get Your Health Record, Lab Results, Doctor's Notes, + More in an Instant

Lisa Clark Posted by

Jun 12 2012

New mobile applications connect patients with their health records, their doctors, and more. Let’s take a look.


Mayo Clinic relesed its first mobile app for patients, aptly called “Patient,” in May.  Yesterday, Apple touted the app at its high profile developers’ conference. Dr. Sidna Tulledge-Scheitel, The Clinic’s Associate Dean of D-Health, says the application covers the entire patient lifecycle, “from the time they are simply seeking information about Mayo, to their first visit to any of the three campuses and finally when they become an established patient.”

Views of Patient App from Mayo Clinic

The app covers just about anyone who may be interested in the Clinic. Read More >

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