1 in 10 Americans Say Digital Health Content Rescued Them

Phillips Healthcare Survey Sheds Light on Trust + Health Innovation

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Dec 20 2012

We’re keenly interested in credible health content and innovation, so these new research results from Philips Healthcare intrigued us. Americans are open to technology and content in the healthcare experience, but there’s still a long way to go before Americans will trust a digital experience almost as much as their doctor.

We’re excited about the potential of digital healthcare innovation, especially with the rise of mobile. Read More >

Could Uncredible Content Stymie Health Innovation?

An Excerpt from My New Article for Interactions

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Sep 06 2012

I’m delighted to share this excerpt from “Will Content Credibility Problems Flatline Health Innovation?” The full article is available from ACM Interactions. It’s free for ACM SIGCHI members and a small cost for nonmembers. 

Coverthumbnail“Digital content—the text, images, audio, and video that make up digital experiences—is in demand. In few industries is it more in demand than for health. Eight in 10 American internet users have looked online for health information. Read More >

3 Stories To Tell From Our Content + Credibility Data

Insights for Health, Finance, + Branded Content in the U.S. + U.K.

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Mar 12 2012

Over the past week, we’ve shared the main plot line from our study’s first report. People are turning constantly to web content for help with everything from understanding a health condition to picking out shoes. (I admit, sometimes, shoes are a life-and-death decision.) But, people feel they can’t count on that web content. It’s a tale of great—but so far disappointed—expectations. Read More >

65% of Americans Don’t Think Web Content Is Reliable

Our Survey Finds Web Content Has a Credibility Problem. But, There's an Up Side

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Mar 01 2012

We just finished the first phase of our Content + Credibility Study. What did we discover? A lot.

We surveyed 800 people in the U.S. and 800 people in the U.K. about their perceptions of web content credibility. This infographic shows a few key findings for the U.S.



My first reaction to this was disappointment. We’ve made so much progress in the interactive industry with technology, but we seem to be far behind with content. Read More >