Facing the Dark Side of Influential Web Content

Colleen Jones Posted by

Feb 06 2015

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Brian Williams lied about coming under enemy fire while reporting from Iraq. (And you’ve seen at least one well-deserved #brianwilliamsmisremembers meme.) The uproar is understandable. Williams abused his credible persona as a news reporter to tell a self-glorifying story that influenced his succession to Tom Brokaw as anchor of NBC Nightly News. Read More >

Sharecare Changes Game in Healthcare Content with AskMD

The Release of AskMD Is Like a Mike Drop...Boom

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Dec 17 2013

What do Beyonce and Sharecare have in common? Last week, they both dropped releases as dramatically as dropping the mike. I don’t have to tell you about Beyonce. (Here’s my favorite tweet about the album.

Yes, I’m an Anchorman fan. Another big release this week, but we’re way off topic now.)

Let’s talk a bit about Sharecare’s AskMD mobile application. Read More >

When is Trustworthy Content Most Important?

Health, Wellness, & Finance Top Our Results

Lisa Clark Posted by

Jan 25 2013

Trust, in this modern world of ours, is in flux. Edelman just released the 2013 Trust Barometer, a global study that gauges people’s trust in government, business, media, and NGOs. The worldwide mood? Skepticism.


Unfortunately, distrust is still rampant for government, business and NGOs, with the lowest dip in 2012 and some  improvement for 2013. The least trusted segment continues to be  financial services—not surprising in the global financial climate. Read More >

What Do the WebMD Layoffs Mean for Health Content?

And What Can We Learn?

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 18 2012

Today, in the Colony Square building only a few feet away from our office, the leadership at WebMD is letting up to half of the 250 Atlanta staff go. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe my reaction to this health media giant being cut, quite literally, down to size.

WebMD IS health content online to many people. In our study of content and credibility earlier this year, participants rated WebMD as one of the most credible sources of any content, much less health content. Read More >

Content Best Practices are Not a Content Strategy

Take Inspiration for Strategy from Jazz

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Nov 05 2012

“What are the best practices?” is a question I’m asked often by folks interested in getting more strategic with content. Whether we’re talking about making content work for mobile, reusing content across multiple channels, advising customers or guiding users, accommodating emerging international markets, or something else, the question comes up. It’s a good question. But, it’s not the first question to ask when planning your content strategy. Read More >