Getting into the Swing of Content Capacity

Inspiration from Tennis to Mature and Scale Your Content Approach

Colleen Jones Posted by

Jun 19 2014

Over the past year, I’ve rekindled my love of tennis—playing and watching it. The recent French Open brought us some epic matches. I can’t wait to see what the rest of tennis high season this summer, including the ultimate grandslam Wimbledon, brings. As I watch the pros play and as I work to elevate my own tennis game a level or two, I couldn’t help but notice parallels to building your content capacity. Read More >

Content Workings: A Roundup of Reads

Tips, trends, and Techniques to Make Your Content More Effective

Colleen Jones Posted by

Jun 03 2014

How do you evaluate your content and make it more effective? Our new library over at ContentWRX seeks to answer that question and more. Here’s a roundup of recent articles:

The New Truths About Facebook Visibility

If there were a First Commandment of conventional social media wisdom, it would likely be: Thou Shalt Be On Facebook. So, being the good disciple that you are, you’ve spent possibly millions of dollars developing massive Facebook communities and distributing loads of content to feed the masses. Read More >

Becoming Jedi Masters of Content Marketing

TAG Marketing and TAG Social Media Host Out-of-this-World Content Marketing Event

Kevin Howarth Posted by

May 28 2014

Rather like the Force, content powerfully drives marketing. On May 12, the Technology Association of Georgia’s Marketing Society and Social Media Society featured our own Colleen Jones, who emceed an event for marketers ready to become Jedi Masters of content.

Sometimes the best place to begin is the beginning. Colleen quickly kicked off the session by answering the key question “Why content marketing, and why now?” Here’s the gist of the answer, with a bit of Star Wars flair. Read More >

Reflections on Confab Central 2014

Use Data Well and Mature Your Approach

Colleen Jones Posted by

May 21 2014

Like a delightful cake, my takeaways from the premier content strategy event Confab Central have layers. Life is short, so let’s dig into this takeaway treat.

Using Data to Inform Content Decisions

I attended or heard kudos about several presentations that shed light on using data well. Content analysis and content evaluation are top of mind for our teams at Content Science and ContentWRX, so I particularly appreciated these perspectives. Read More >

What Are the Benefits of Content Strategy?

Colleen Jones Posted by

May 08 2014

Why make content strategy part of your organization? Of course, it’s the right thing to do for your users or customers but, just as importantly, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits. To encourage your organization to adopt content strategy, I’m sharing the top 3 benefits of content strategy I’ve seen over the past 4 years.

I’m sharing these benefits not in order of priority but in the order your company or organization likely would experience them. Read More >