Content Science Earns Recognition from Davey, CERA Content Awards

Content Work Pays Off, Deserves Honors

Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 27 2014

Content awards! A few years ago they didn’t extend beyond a nod for copywriting in marketing circles. Today, content work—even the strategic work that takes time to get results—is starting to get the recognition it deserves. So, I’m delighted to share that Content Science recently earned some important kudos.

Top Honors at CERA Awards

cera logoOur work with the niche retailer FootSmart won the CERA (Customer Experience Recognition Awards) in two categories: content discovery and best in show (no, not that best in show). Read More >

Content Science Workshop Schedule for 2015

Earn Your Content Coach Certification

Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 20 2014

Great news! We’re hosting a series of 1-day workshops in 2015. Here’s the scoop.

Why a Workshop Series?

I’ve enjoyed giving a variety of workshops and presentations over the past 5 years for clients and events. The workshops in this series represent fine-tuned material, tested activities, and surprise guests, presented in our killer new space.

I designed these workshops to build your expertise, skills, and confidence in leading content initiatives—or to do so for members of your team. Read More >

If You’re Gonna Do Branded Content, Do It Right

Marriott International Launches Creative and Content Marketing Studio

Colleen Jones Posted by

Oct 09 2014

To paraphrase the wise words of Wham!, if you’re “gonna” venture into branded content now, you really should be prepared to do it right. Marriott International has upped the ante in the travel space by announcing a new studio devoted to creative and content marketing.

Three things I like about this strategic move:

1. This Space Has Big Opportunity

Hotels especially have largely ignored content outside of booking, even though travel is ripe with content possibilities.  Read More >

As the Web Turns 25, We Ponder the Future of Content

Our Own Colleen Jones to Address the 3Es of Scaling Content Strategy

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Sep 23 2014

It’s hard to believe that the Web, something so essential to our lives, turns a mere 25 this year. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, even he never envisioned the revolutionary effects it would have on our economy, communications, and lives. Berners-Lee reflects on the impact in this clip:


In that spirit, we’re excited that the WebVisions conference in Chicago this week will host a panel that looks ahead 25 years. Read More >

Surprising Lessons from IBM in Successful B2B Content Marketing

Michelle Killebrew Sheds Light on Why Business Customers Crave Engaging Content

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Sep 11 2014

Selling candy, appliances, or fast food can involve rapid-fire, high volume social media campaigns driven by the latest trends in website, mobile, and social content. By contrast, B2B products and sales cycles appear bland. Yet, B2B customers and prospects are people, too. Shouldn’t the same B2C engagement principles apply to B2B content marketing?

Michelle Killebrew answers with a resounding “Yes!” However, she points out that leveraging those trends requires a granular understanding of your audiences. Read More >