What’s the Prognosis for Health Media Credibility?

Dr. Oz Underscores the Tension between Getting Attention and Keeping Trust

Colleen Jones Posted by

Sep 03 2014

Have you ever followed advice from Dr. Oz? I have. Always looking for ways to boost energy, I tried some amino acid supplements that Dr. Oz suggested on his show a few years ago. I’m not a die-hard follower of his show, but I discovered a clip on Sharecare about the supplements. They had some research backing and weren’t expensive, so I decided to try them. Read More >

What’s Your Content Snapscore?

Get Quick Insight into What People Think About Your Web Content

Colleen Jones Posted by

Aug 16 2014

Well, what is a Snapscore, you might ask?

It’s a new feature we just released on ContentWRX to give you almost instant insight into your content’s performance.

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Snapscore collects feedback about your web content from a very small small sample of users and then offers a score.

At the same time, you get to sample some other ContentWRX features, such as the dashboard, analysis, and recommendations. Read More >

Four for Friday – Content Science Updates

Updates About Our Services, Latest Book, Latest ContentWRX 2.0 Release, and More

Colleen Jones Posted by

Aug 08 2014

Time flies when you’re having content fun. By fun, I mean working hard to form content strategy and bring it to life (and then perhaps sipping some Jameson).

In the process, we’ve made some changes and achieved some milestones. I’m proud of these Content Science updates but, more importantly, excited about how they enable us to better serve our clients and contribute to the wider content strategy community. Read More >

It’s Time for More Women in Technology

Tech Needs Women As Coders and As Leaders

Colleen Jones Posted by

Jul 22 2014

I admit it. Part of me wishes we didn’t have to talk about the many challenges surrounding women in technology. I like to focus on solving problems or building innovations such as ContentWRX through technology. I hate for a conversation about gender and tech to devolve into sensationalist tripe and distract from the work.

But, the reality today is these gender equality challenges themselves are both distracting and delaying progress in the work. Read More >

With Content Curation, Keep Your Feet on the Ground + Keep Reaching for the Stars

Lessons from the Late Casey Kasem

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Jul 10 2014

As a kid in the 1980s, I liked music. A lot. I asked for and received vinyl albums for Christmas and birthdays, and I constantly listened to the radio. Above all, I eagerly awaited each Sunday for the Holy Grail of music: Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. For me, through masterful content curation it distilled the best of the best songs into four hours of radio. Read More >