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Heard of Content Engineering?

posted by Kevin Howarth

How do you implement your content strategy—and not get tripped up by the proliferating marketing technology, inefficient processes, or fragmented content creation?

An important part of the answer is content engineering, an emerging area of content strategy specialization. In both an article in Chief Content Officer Magazine and in a more in-depth whitepaper co-authored with Kanban, I give you the scoop about content engineering—what it is, why it’s important, and how to do it.

Are You Ready for Content Engineering is available in the August issue of Chief Content Officer.

Chief Content Officer features “Are You Ready for Content Engineering?” in the August edition.

The article, Are You Ready for Content Engineering?, distinguishes between content strategy and content engineering.

A content strategy defines what your organization will accomplish with your content by

  • Analyzing your content needs, gaps, and competition.
  • Strategizing to create a content framework, recommendations, and a roadmap.
  • Planning out content creation and content engineering.
  • Evaluating your content regularly both quantitatively and qualitatively and making adjustments.

Within planning, content engineering is a discipline that integrates backend technology and process. The goal? Allow marketing teams to focus less on technology and more on creating and using great content. Content engineering addresses:

  • Managing content from creation to storage to delivery.
  • Relating interdependent content through taxonomies, metadata, and business rules.
  • Delivering optimized content efficiently and accurately in a variety of contexts.
  • Building processes around content to address automation and governance.
  • Selecting technology that best meets content strategy goals and requirements.

As I point out in the article, a marketing automation tool or a content management system alone won’t cut it for an enterprise. You need more. The article explains what you need along with giving you the beginnings of a roadmap.

As an associate at Content Science, I’ve seen companies have success with content strategy for a project or two but get stuck at scaling it to an entire enterprise for marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support. That’s why I’m excited about content engineering. Implementing large-scale content strategy must now leverage a more technical, testable, and iterative approach. Ultimately, content engineering allows marketers (and, really, anyone involved in content) to worry less about technology and implementation, and more about creating content that truly resonates with or helps customers.

To learn more, check out the article and download the whitepaper at the links below:

Are You Ready for Content Engineering?
Chief Content Officer Magazine – August 2013 (web version)

Are You Ready for Your Oreo Moment?
Exceeding Marketing Goals Through Content Strategy and Content Engineering
Whitepaper from Content Science and Kanban

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